Speak your Heart! A Supreme Love Project Advance. Seats are Limited. Get Your ticket now! With Jeanine Staples. BE PART OF THE BEST PERSONAL  DEVELOPMENT EVENT OF THE YEAR! NOVEMBER 15TH – 17TH, 2019 PHILADELPHIA. Discover Scripts That Create Deep Connection & Intimacy with the People Who Matter to You Most.
Speak your Heart! A Supreme Love Project Advance. Seats are Limited. Get Your ticket now! With Jeanine Staples. A 2-day, LIVE, in-person event! November 15-17 | Philadelphia
The #1 way to improve the quality of your relationships is to IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION.
But we’ve all had those moments…

Moments when you know that what you say next can make or break the situation.  

But how do you say the “right thing” so they truly HEAR you, know how you feel, and they still feel loved and respected? 

The Speak Your Heart! Weekend will show you how in the most critical moments of communication with your loved ones, you can build bridges, bring them closer, generate more intimacy and greater confidence in that intimacy. 

If you want more intimacy, closeness, love, respect, admiration, and fun in your relationships, join Dr. Jeanine Staples at the Speak Your Heart! Weekend. There she will share with you her step-by-step process to help you speak your heart and mind so you can transform your relationships. 

But HURRY! Because of the intensive work Dr. Jeanine Staples is doing at this event, space is limited

This 2-day intensive event is designed to show you how to build bridges in your relationships so you can draw closer to your loved ones, be heard, understood and respected.

IMAGINE what your life would look like if you…
  • Knew how to quickly resolve BIG communication problems and breakdowns in your relationships. 
  • Had the key to unlocking your loved ones thoughts and feelings so they speak openly with you too.
  • Could clearly articulate what you want and deserve in a way that gets you both HEARD & UNDERSTOOD.
  • Had a voice that was clear, confident, honest, open, and strong.
  • Knew what to say when things get heated in your romantic relationships so both people are heard, respected, and understood.
  • Knew how to communicate what you wanted & got it without even saying a word!
  • Clearly identified blocks keeping you silent about what you want and how you want to be treated. 
  • Had access to a mentor and expert to navigate pitfalls.
  • You had a community of like-minded women that also committed to their growth.
  • You had the tools and know-how to Speak Your Heart and get what you want. 
NOW, you don’t just need to imagine it…

Because all of this is waiting for you at the Speak Your Heart! Weekend!
Listen to Kisha's Mindset Shift
"I can be an active participant in changing my life. I felt before that there is a limited set of opportunities available to me... I feel like I've opened my mind to a broader range of things which I can do and to move forward and take action on it.
IMAGINE what your life would look like if you…
  • Knew how to quickly resolve BIG communication problems and breakdowns in your relationships. 
  • Had the key to unlocking your loved ones' thoughts and feelings so they speak openly with you.
  • Could clearly articulate what you want and deserve in a way that gets you both HEARD & UNDERSTOOD.
  • Had a voice that was clear, confident, honest, open, and strong.
  • Knew what to say when things get heated in your romantic relationships so both people are heard, respected, and understood.
  • Knew how to communicate what you wanted & got it without even saying a word!
  • Clearly identified blocks keeping you silent about what you want and how you want to be treated. 
  • Had access to a mentor and expert to navigate pitfalls.
  • Had a community of like-minded women that also committed to their growth.
  • Had the tools and know-how to Speak Your Heart and get what you want. 
NOW, you don’t just need to imagine it…

All of this is waiting for you at the Speak Your Heart! Weekend!
You don’t have to figure this out on your own.
The simple truth is, you can’t. Because without Supreme Love for yourself, you do not know how to build bridges or set boundaries, know what your boundaries are, or how to maintain them in relationships.

Until Jeanine decided to do something different and find REAL self-love, Supreme Love, she did not know how to effectively communicate, open up and lovingly share how she truly felt when it mattered the most. Instead, she attracted narcissistic and controlling relationships with people who did not want to hear her speak her heart on what she wanted and what she deserved.
Here is the good news…
There is a master path you can follow that will help you find your voice and give you courage to declare what you want, and have the loving, nurturing, respectful, and compassionate relationships you desire and deserve.

You just have to be committed and open to honestly looking inside yourself to see what you want, and what is blocking you from receiving it.

At the Speak Your Heart! Weekend we will help you uncover what has been holding you back from speaking your heart and show you how to lovingly communicate when it matters most so you can be clearly heard, understood, and have peace, love and respect in your relationships.

For a limited time, your ticket to the Speak Your Heart Weekend is only $397!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
While Tickets Last!
Curious if Dr. Jeanine Staples’ Speak Your Heart Weekend is for you?
This event is perfect for you if you have ever…
Felt frustrated and didn’t know what to say during a disagreement with a loved one.
Known what you wanted to say but didn’t have the courage to say it.
Stuffed down your feelings and hidden what you REALLY think and feel.
Experienced ghosting where someone you care about disappeared without explanation.
Experienced negging when someone gives a backhanded and confusing “compliment” that throws you off and makes you feel self-conscious and defensive.
Shut down and didn’t speak up when someone barraged, attacked, judged, put you down, or criticized you. 
Over-explained and defended why you did or said something.
Second guessed yourself and continue to feel smaller and smaller.
“Dumbed down” your accomplishments, goals, or intelligence, and play small.
Settled for less time, attention, affection, love than you know you want or deserve.
Dealt with criticism and judgment or contempt and disdain without knowing how to respond.
Endured little put downs over time that have accumulated in your relationship.
If some or all of this resonates with you, get out from behind your computer and step into two intense days of clarity, learning, support, and powerful action!
For a limited time, your ticket is only $397!
  • ​This was a wonderful and life changing event. I've been to an SLP event before, so I knew I'd get something out of it. I think the focused topic is so essential and the different ways it was addressed (all the different layers) made me feel like I could really be healed." - Samantha, 44, salesperson, PA
  • I truly enjoyed this event with Jeanine Staples. It was enlightening and so encouraging as well as an awakening to pay attention to what's inside me and accept ALL of me and not be afraid but LOVE me and become a better me. I truly am grateful for having been put in this space. Thank YOU!!!😌💕" - Patty, 52, Business Coach, FL
A letter from Jeanine
Hello sister,

I hear you!   

If you are here looking at this event, chances are you want to be HEARD… You want to be able to have productive and effective conversations with the people you care most about. 

You may even feel a gap building between you and someone you care about and desperately want to build a bridge so you can get closer to them. 

You may have tried all sorts of things already, like working harder, taking workshops on relationships, reading self-help books, going to church, praying, trying to talk to the person, but it goes nowhere… it’s a dead end. 

I get it. Been there! 

I used to feel so confused because I regularly created great achievements in my professional life, but I had terrible disappointments in my personal life.  

I felt stumped...I actually felt stupid and deeply embarrassed. I was frozen. I didn't want ANYONE to know that I felt like such a failure in life and in love.  

My insecurity… and mounting fear that I would never figure out how to speak my heart and create space for others to safely speak their heart.... was killing me inside. I started to silence myself because I just didn't trust myself to speak!

I felt like I would ruin any relationship I wanted to grow because I didn't know what to say in the most meaningful moments!  

I didn't feel confident that I knew what to say when: 
  • A man I really cared about ghosted me or went silent or pulled away.
  • A close friend I treasured started to change, shift energy away from me, or even cut me out of their life.
  • I needed to slow down a romantic relationship that was going too fast.
  • A person I really liked stopped replying to my text messages.
  • I found myself in a romantic moment and then felt tongue-tied and didn't know what to say to confidently inspire even more closeness.
  • I felt criticized by a man I was in a relationship with.
  • I felt stunned by backhanded compliments that were really masked put downs.
  • Oh, the list goes on and on..... so many, "What do I say now?!" moments.
That was then.
Now, I'm on the other side of confusion, fear, and humiliation in life and love because I've learned, and now embody, Supreme Love and Womanhood.
Now I know how to clearly and confidently communicate with the most important people in my life how I am feeling, what I am wanting, while deeply connecting with them and creating more intimacy.
You can do this, too! You can have powerful and impactful conversations with the ones you love where you are heard, respected, and grow an even deeper bond because of the level of honesty and openness.
So I invite you to join me LIVE at the Supreme Love Project’s Advance in November: Speak Your Heart! Together we will discover how you can build a bridge to close the gap in your relationships.
I promise you; you won’t regret it!
Hope to see you there!
Much Love,
Love, Jeanine
This event is a hands-on, intensive, high-energy and fun event that will be full of unforgettable moments that will impact your life and relationships in a lasting and profound way. This is the place to find your support sisters and resources to keep you accountable and propel you forward!
Welcome Party
Welcome Party
New Life-Long Friends 
New Life-Long Friends
Photo Opps
Photo opps
High Value Content 
High Vale Content
Delicious VIP Lunches
Delicious VIP Lunches available
#Social Moments
Social Moments
What You'll Take Away
Nothing that you can get sitting on the couch at home!
During the Supreme Love Project Advance: Speak Your Heart, you will learn:
  • How to generate intimacy authentically and consistently in the relationships that matter to you most.
  • What has been holding you back from openly and honestly communicating your thoughts and emotions.
  • How to empower yourself to speak directly from your heart and not your head (which is steeped in ego).
  • How to have intimate connections and communications in your most precious relationships (spouse, partner, kids, parents, siblings, friends, or even colleagues).
  • How to hold your body energetically and command your energy from a place of fearless love.
  • How to generate love, connection, passion, power, and presence by opening your heart and fanning the flames to keep you and your loved ones feeling warm, safe, understood, valued, seen, heard, felt, and revered.
  • What your boundaries are and how to communicate and maintain them.
  • How to use scripts and stances to build bridges to intimacy, and how to maintain it with ease.
  • How to use verbal scripts and stances that quickly, efficiently, and easily solve the biggest communication problems that break down your most valuable relationships.
  • Written scripts and stances that feature your voice as clear, open, honest, strong, stable and effective in professional high stakes communications that could make or break your career. (Think colleagues, supervisors, and CEOs that you feel uncomfortable with, or even angry at!)
  • Verbal & written scripts to use in romantic relationships where you're feeling stumped, stunted, or *stupid* so that you feel clear, connected, confident, and captivating with ease. (Think longtime partners, boyfriends, first dates, or the elusive, slippery man-of-your-dreams!)
This can all only be taught LIVE and in person by Dr. Jeanine Staples.
Join us and be there LIVE!
To continue the worthiness conversation on a deeper and practical level…
Jeanine is also proud to provide you with 5 guest speakers that will talk about money, worth and value from a holistic approach.  
This well-rounded perspective will give you a wraparound structure for worthiness and value from the inside out as they discuss:
  • ​Your spiritual connection to money, and command over money as an energetic source.
  • ​The exact action steps to deprogram scarcity and poverty and reprogram abundance and wealth.
  • ​How to develop a deeply powerful relationship to money.
  • ​How to call in & manifest money that is aligned to high worth and high value so you can begin to experience externally what you are creating internally.
  • ​Practical steps and strategies to clear debt.
  • ​How to organize money, make money, manage money, and leverage money through multiple streams of income.
  • ​Ways to monetize your skillset, your gifts, dreams, and talent so you can see that your inherent value can MAKE you money and create a future for you.
Our guest speakers at the Speak Your Heart! Weekend will be...
Debra Roberts, LCSW 
Author, Communication Specialist and Relationship Expert
Make Difficult Conversations Easy! Communicate to Achieve the Best Outcome.
Debra Roberts, LCSW, is an author, a communication specialist, and a relationship expert. She has over 20 years of experience working with all types of challenging relationships in her private practice and consulting with businesses. Debra’s book, The Relationship Protocol describes her straight forward communication model, which has common sense suggestions for initiating conversations, defusing conflicts, and having more fulfilling relationships. Debra is a well-respected speaker who offers both in-person programs and online courses. Join Debra on her mission to transform how we communicate in all aspects of our lives.
Debra Roberts
Jenny Dumnich 
Wellness Consultant
Speak Your Truth Own Your Power
Jenny Dumnich, International Wellness Consultant, gives you the power to stop self-sabotage and take control of the circumstances in your life, creating a life by design.
As co-founder of Craig & Jenny D, Fusion Performance Institute and Retreats Re-Imagined she guides highly accomplished individuals and companies to amplify their results by redefining success from a "wholistic" perspective including wellness, relationships, communication & business.
Discover how you are showing up in your life for yourself, your business and your family. Join her to inspire and guide you to elevate your capacity and TAKE CONTROL of the circumstances in your life!
Jenny Dumnich
Nancy Roberts
Certified Behavioral Analyst
Drastically Improve Communication With Others (by following one simple rule)
After hating most jobs she ever held, Nancy Roberts launched her own consulting business in 2002. Known as The DISC Wizard, Nancy helps organizations hire, develop and keep the right people!
For the past 17 years, Nancy has honed her skills as a Certified Behavioral Analyst to assist her clients with the tools necessary for improving performance, engagement and retention.
As a nationally known speaker and author, Nancy regularly shares her Wizard Wisdom on how to build successful businesses.
Jenny Dumnich
Dr. Deborah Fryer - guest speaker
Dr. Deborah Fryer
Transformational Mindset Coach
Your Result: Reclaim Your Worth & Build Your Wealth Through Heaven Sent Spiritual Spark & Realignment
Deborah J. Fryer, PhD is a catalyst for change and a transformational mentor and speaker. She works with creative, spiritual, high-achieving entrepreneurs to help them tap into greater confidence, creativity, prosperity and peace.

Deborah facilitates profound transformation for her clients using a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, intuition and strategy, mindset and skillset, logic and magic.

Deborah’s unique expertise makes her a powerful change agent: she is an award-winning documentary filmmaker; she holds a PhD in Comparative Literature; she has been practicing yoga and meditation for 25 years; and she has a pre-medical degree.

With her eclectic toolkit of science and spirituality, literature and art, Deborah helps her clients “see” their subconscious programming so they can change their limiting beliefs and habits for good. When we shine our light of consciousness into those dark places within us, we are free to rewrite our stories to be more productive, prosperous, on purpose and at peace that we ever thought possible.
Katie Mongelli
Financial Coach
Your Result: Stop Procrastinating, Tell Your Truth, & Clear Your Debt
As a trusted CPA and Financial Coach, Katie unwinds why the traditional lessons on finances cause women to shut down and ignore managing their money.

Katie believes that managing money is not simply about basic math because if it was we'd all be financial geniuses. The truth is, we ALL have a money story that makes our finances too complicated for a simple calculator.

Katie supports women in exploring their feelings and desires around money. She feels it is about time for women to ask, What do you want from your finances?
Katie Mongelli - guest speaker
LoriAnne Reeves - guest speaker
LoriAnne Reeves
Sales Strategist, Business Growth Consultant & Professional Psychotherapist
Your Result: Magnetize Better Relationships & Bigger Revenue
LoriAnne Reeves works with business owners to add $10K, $20K and $30K or more to their monthly income while providing the psychological tools to support their success. LoriAnne is trained as a Professional Psychotherapist and has 25 years as a entrepreneur combining these skills to get fast results for her clients and their businesses. Her work in Systemic Dynamics creates visionary leaders and whole system changes for sustained growth for executives and organizations. LoriAnne is the author of The Easy Ask: Make More Money Having Simple Sales Conversations.
Your Coach
Just like you, I’ve got a big bio. Ten years ago, I was a super successful woman living two lives. I found myself crushing it in my career but crashing in my life. I had the degrees, credentials, and “stuff” that said I “won”, but still felt disconnected, insecure, and anxious in my relationships. I chased after the attention and approval of narcissistic men who verbally abused and emotionally neglected me and “hung in there” with friends who were basically mean girls. I felt so confused and ashamed and I hid it for years. I was performing womanhood on the outside in ways I thought would get me points for respect and validation. But on the inside, I struggled with sadness, anger, low self-esteem, and crippling self-doubt. I constantly got in my own way and sabotaged my chances for happiness, health, wisdom, and wealth. While I maintained my Wonder Woman facade on the outside, things got progressively worse on the inside and began to explode onto my surface. Although I kept climbing to new heights in my career, I lost my father to heart failure, my sister to breast cancer, countless other relatives and friends to disease and dissolution, and found myself surrounded by emotionally unavailable people. I started to break. Then my then 14-year old nephew attempted suicide and my brokeness turned into torture. At 2 o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday in November 2011, I crumbled to a puddle on my bedroom floor. I was crying my eyes out in despair because I felt so ashamed of the decisions I’d made in relationships, incapable of inspiring real intimacy, terrified of losing more people, confused about what to do next, and exhausted in all I’d endured. So, I just gave up. I threw up my hands and surrendered all. I wailed out to God in despair and begged for help. And, guess what? I got it. Holy Spirit showed me exactly how to build my Personal Liberation Project as a Supreme Lover. 
Jeanine Staples
Dr. Jeanine Staples
  • ​I loved how Jeanine gave people direct action items and was firm with them while coming from a place of compassion, patience, and understanding. I loved how there were built in opportunities to meet fellow attendees and got me out of my comfort zone." - Erica, 39, freelancer, MO
Listen to Linda's Awakening
"I came to this workshop to work on my worthiness. I discovered that the worthiness is already in there. I can use what I have inside myself to heal myself. I can take a hurt, each and every part of it, accept it fully, understand it and know that I'll have already been given the power through the Holy Spirit to understand it."
This work is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT for every woman to do because...
Once you clearly see and believe your inherent worth & value, there a major corrections on an emotional level and material level that take place that allow you to no longer engage in self-destructive behaviors. 
Emotionally, no longer you will have to…
Doubt yourself. 
Question yourself. 
Second guess yourself. 
Put yourself down. 
Be little yourself. 
Judge yourself. 
Condemn yourself.  
Criticize yourself. 
Beat yourself up. 
Wish you were someone else. 
Wish you were somewhere else. 
Wish you had someone else. 
Materially, no longer will you have to…
Feel worried, nervous, anxious, or intimidated around money or debt. 
Feel shame. 
Feel doubt. 
Feel sleeplessness or insomnia about material things like money, men, jobs, homes, clothes. 
Go shopping or use “retail therapy” to FEEL worthy or better about yourself. 
Wonder if you deserve to have nice things and a comfortable life. 
Wonder if the universe is abundant. 
Second guess your financial decisions. 
Doubt that you know how to handle your money and possessions. 
Feel like you have to hide your success so you don’t make others feel less. 
Listen to Angela's Revolution
"It's like I was coming out of a fog. And now its blue skies. "
-Angela, 45, NY, Accountant
Space is extremely limited and half the tickets are spoken for already.
Speak Your Heart! A Supreme Love Project Advance
  • ​This event was a powerful healing weekend that allowed me to break through barriers and heal my pain that I had held on to. You deserve to feel worthy and loved always! Don't miss this event!" - Sue, 55, Consultant, MO
What To Expect
  • Friday, November 15th from 6:00pm - 7:30pm: Registration & Welcome Reception
  • Saturday, November 16th from 9:00am - 6:00pm: Content & Training
  • Sunday, November 17th from 9:00am - 4:00pm: Content & Training
Tickets for future Supreme Love Project Advances will be
However, General Admission Tickets to the November 2019 SLP Advance are
For a limited time,
Your ticket to the November 2019 SLP Advance,
Speak Your Truth! Weekend,
is just
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
  • ​Admission to the Welcome Reception on November 15th
  • ​Admission to 2 full days of training with Jeanine Staples
  • ​High level training from each of our guest speakers
  • ​Refreshments and special surprises throughout the SLP Advance
You'll experience a variety of lessons and fun activities
Because of the level of intensity and hands-on support from Jeanine and her Supreme Love Coaches, attendance to this event is limited to a max of 40 people.
Half of these tickets are already taken by Jeanine’s clients.
We HIGHLY recommend you claim your ticket asap before this event sells out and it’s too late!
I know this event will give you the massive clarity and support you need to Speak Your Heart Weekend. We are giving you all the necessary tools and resources to accelerate your journey. But if after the two days you are not completely satisfied, just come to one of my team members and ask for a refund and you’ll get it on the spot.
Speak Your Heart is for committed, motivated, action-takers – not for tire-kickers looking for the next magic bullet or shiny object. I KNOW that you are committed, and I cannot wait to see you at the event.
As you can see, there is absolutely no risk in attending this event. The only thing you risk is NOT attending this event and staying stuck in the same place you are right now.
- Jeanine Staples
Because of the level of intensity and hands on support from Jeanine and her Supreme Love Coaches, attendance to this event is limited to a max of 40 people.
Half of these tickets are already taken by Jeanine’s clients.
We HIGHLY recommend you claim your ticket asap before this event sells out and it’s too late!
The Venue
Experience the newly renovated Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport hotel. Relax after your day at Speak Your Heart! in your spacious and modern suite, featuring the renowned Sheraton Signature Sleep Experience, ergonomic desk chair and plasma TV. 

Connect to work or home with high speed Internet access, PC work stations and more in the lobby. Re-energize after a full day at Speak Your Heart! in the fitness center or refresh in the pool. Try a great meal or drink in the Vector Restaurant & Lounge, a great place to connect with your Supreme Love sisters. 

With easy access to and from Philadelphia International Airport on the complimentary shuttle, the hotel is also a quick Uber to all of downtown Philadelphia's attractions, including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the historic district and shopping and cultural destinations. 

Enjoy a discounted room rate during Speak Your Heart! with our exclusive discount code. It will be shared immediately after your ticket purchase. Most of the available rooms will have a single King size bed and a pull-out sofa.
Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Hotel Lobby
King Bed room
Fitness room
  • Learning with Jeanine at this event has been a 100% Godsend!! I look forward to what’s ahead for my soon to be unrecognizable life and experiencing my soaring stories!!! - Mary, 35, counselor, NJ
Listen to Holly's Experience
"I truly believe that we are taking the steps to heal ourselves and that by doing so we are going to create a ripple effect that wraps the world around. Every time that we come together, it feels like there's another step, another piece of the brick wall falls away, and everything opens up more and more and more each time Jeanine's in the room."
Frequently Asked Questions
A: Yes, it is a retreat in the modern use of the word that refers to a secluded space to grow and relax with a group of other women. We do not use the word "retreat", however, because of the traditional definition of the word: "to withdraw or move back as a result of defeat or criticism". While it very much is a way to "withdraw" from your regular life for a few days, Jeanine has come to prefer the term "advance". To advance is the opposite of retreating. It means "to move forward in a purposeful way" or "to make or cause to make progress". Do you see the difference that makes to your expectations? You aren't simply withdrawing from your life for a few days, you will be coming here to move forward in a purposeful way and make progress towards Speaking Your Heart!
A: YES! If you'd like to email us your questions, please send them to support@jeaninestaples.com. Let Sara know if you'd rather learn more about this event over the phone with one of our coaches.
A: The Speak Your Heart! Supreme Love Advance is happening November 16 & 17 in Philadelphia, PA, at The Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport hotel. There will be a welcome reception the night before, so plan to check in to the hotel on November 15. 
A: Early event registration is at 6 pm on Friday, November 15, 2019, followed by a Welcome Reception. The hotel is available for check-in at 4 pm.

Day 1 and 2 will begin promptly at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to get settled. If you did not register on Friday, please arrive at least 30 minutes early on Saturday.

The main event will wrap up around 4 pm on Sunday, November 17th. 

Check-In for the hotel is 4pm and Check-Out is at 11am. 

Fly into PHL (Philadelphia International Airport). The hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport for registered guests.

The deadline for our discounted room rate is November 1! So hurry! (After this date, there may not be any rooms available at all, as there is a huge medical conference in Philadelphia that same weekend.)

A: Any successful woman who feels like something is missing from her life is encouraged to attend. Though not necessary, bringing a friend is a good idea too.
A: Because of our VERY limited seating, every attendee must purchase a ticket to get into the event. Of course, you may book your hotel room with anyone you choose. If you do bring a child to the hotel, please be sure to bring someone who is able to care for your child during the times of our sessions, in an area away from the session spaces, without interruptions apart from a true emergency.
A: Yes. You may room with someone, if you choose. There are no double rooms available, but the single king suites have a pull-out sofa. If you want to connect with others looking for roommates, please email Sara at support@jeaninestaples.com with your request.
Jeanine Staples
A little more about me...
In addition to being a coach, I'm an Associate Professor of Literacy and Language, African American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at a Research I University. I focus on dismantling supremacist patriarchies through research, teaching, and coaching. As a sociocultural literacist, I work to understand personal and public voices and stories to solve personal and public problems. I do this by researching the evolutionary nature and function of literacies and texts through the discourses of narrative research. My work exposes impetuses for various personal and social ills such as racism, sexism, and ableism.

I love to mediate way before dawn, work out like a soldier, and shop alone. I prefer rum to wine, jeans to skirts, and like my heels sky high (except when I'm wearing cowboy boots). Every year I ask my stylist to cornrow and bead my hair in homage to Patrice Rushen and Stevie Wonder (if you know of these artists and understand why demonstrating embodied respect for them is important, we can probably be friends). I believe in ghosts, fairies, and hobbits (for real). Musically, I vibe to old school everything (hip hop, R&B, jazz, rock, and classical) and especially dig Hildegard von Bingen. I trust children a little bit more than adults, respect teens for their fearlessness, admire elders for their tenacity, and occasionally prefer the company of dogs to people. I'm really getting into interior design and have a penchant for acquiring east coast real estate. I'm also a survivor of multiple terrors in love.
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