The You Are Worthy! Weekend A Supreme Love Project Advance. Seat are limited! Get your ticket now! Click here to purchase.
Come to The Supreme Love Project’s “You Are Worthy! Weekend” to build unshakeable belief in your worth and value so you can spark the life, love, and career you desire and deserve!
When you join Dr. Jeanine Staples for 2 incredible transformational days, you will discover: 
Where your belief of being unworthy came from and when.
How to stop negative, unworthy self-talk, and reprogram your brain to see & believe that you are worthy.
How to connect to your inherent worth & value as a leader in your life and love.
How to reprogram your soul to connect to the highest places about money, men, and magic.
How your feelings of unworthiness impact your money, relationships, and spirituality.
  • I felt like Jeanine spoke my language, she touched on so many levels. What I was able to finally understand is how trauma gets buried in our body and also tools on how to politely remove myself and shift from an unpleasant situation." - Jerri, 48, teacher, MN
To continue the worthiness conversation on a deeper and practical level…
Jeanine is also proud to provide you with 5 guest speakers that will talk about money, worth and value from a holistic approach.  
This well-rounded perspective will give you a wraparound structure for worthiness and value from the inside out as they discuss:
  • ​Your spiritual connection to money, and command over money as an energetic source.
  • ​The exact action steps to deprogram scarcity and poverty and reprogram abundance and wealth.
  • ​How to develop a deeply powerful relationship to money.
  • ​How to call in & manifest money that is aligned to high worth and high value so you can begin to experience externally what you are creating internally.
  • ​Practical steps and strategies to clear debt.
  • ​How to organize money, make money, manage money, and leverage money through multiple streams of income.
  • ​Ways to monetize your skillset, your gifts, dreams, and talent so you can see that your inherent value can MAKE you money and create a future for you.
Our guest speakers at the You Are Worthy! Weekend will be...
Donna McPherson 
Business Consultant & Money Strategist
Your Result: Generate Income From What You Already Have & Get More Freedom To Live The Life You Want.
A Certified Public Accountant for over 25 years, Donna keeps her eye on helping entrepreneurs elevate their business and grow their income through effective income and profit acceleration strategies.

Additionally, Donna is a passionate advocate for women managing their money matters. She witnessed firsthand, her mom’s magic with her father’s modest paycheck that took care of a family of 11. She believes that how we use money determines how much money success we will have.   

Donna puts leisure time high on her priority list: enjoys playing tennis, loves watching favorite TV shows with her husband and spending time with friends.
Donna McPherson - guest speaker
Dr. Deborah Fryer - guest speaker
Dr. Deborah Fryer
Transformational Mindset Coach
Your Result: Reclaim Your Worth & Build Your Wealth Through Heaven Sent Spiritual Spark & Realignment
Deborah J. Fryer, PhD is a catalyst for change and a transformational mentor and speaker. She works with creative, spiritual, high-achieving entrepreneurs to help them tap into greater confidence, creativity, prosperity and peace.

Deborah facilitates profound transformation for her clients using a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, intuition and strategy, mindset and skillset, logic and magic.

Deborah’s unique expertise makes her a powerful change agent: she is an award-winning documentary filmmaker; she holds a PhD in Comparative Literature; she has been practicing yoga and meditation for 25 years; and she has a pre-medical degree.

With her eclectic toolkit of science and spirituality, literature and art, Deborah helps her clients “see” their subconscious programming so they can change their limiting beliefs and habits for good. When we shine our light of consciousness into those dark places within us, we are free to rewrite our stories to be more productive, prosperous, on purpose and at peace that we ever thought possible.
Katie Mongelli
Financial Coach
Your Result: Stop Procrastinating, Tell Your Truth, & Clear Your Debt
As a trusted CPA and Financial Coach, Katie unwinds why the traditional lessons on finances cause women to shut down and ignore managing their money.

Katie believes that managing money is not simply about basic math because if it was we'd all be financial geniuses. The truth is, we ALL have a money story that makes our finances too complicated for a simple calculator.

Katie supports women in exploring their feelings and desires around money. She feels it is about time for women to ask, What do you want from your finances?
Katie Mongelli - guest speaker
LoriAnne Reeves - guest speaker
LoriAnne Reeves
Sales Strategist, Business Growth Consultant & Professional Psychotherapist
Your Result: Magnetize Better Relationships & Bigger Revenue
LoriAnne Reeves works with business owners to add $10K, $20K and $30K or more to their monthly income while providing the psychological tools to support their success. LoriAnne is trained as a Professional Psychotherapist and has 25 years as a entrepreneur combining these skills to get fast results for her clients and their businesses. Her work in Systemic Dynamics creates visionary leaders and whole system changes for sustained growth for executives and organizations. LoriAnne is the author of The Easy Ask: Make More Money Having Simple Sales Conversations.
Your Coach
Just like you, I’ve got a big bio. Ten years ago, I was a super successful woman living two lives. I found myself crushing it in my career but crashing in my life. I had the degrees, credentials, and “stuff” that said I “won”, but still felt disconnected, insecure, and anxious in my relationships. I chased after the attention and approval of narcissistic men who verbally abused and emotionally neglected me and “hung in there” with friends who were basically mean girls. I felt so confused and ashamed and I hid it for years. I was performing womanhood on the outside in ways I thought would get me points for respect and validation. But on the inside, I struggled with sadness, anger, low self-esteem, and crippling self-doubt. I constantly got in my own way and sabotaged my chances for happiness, health, wisdom, and wealth. While I maintained my Wonder Woman facade on the outside, things got progressively worse on the inside and began to explode onto my surface. Although I kept climbing to new heights in my career, I lost my father to heart failure, my sister to breast cancer, countless other relatives and friends to disease and dissolution, and found myself surrounded by emotionally unavailable people. I started to break. Then my then 14-year old nephew attempted suicide and my brokeness turned into torture. At 2 o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday in November 2011, I crumbled to a puddle on my bedroom floor. I was crying my eyes out in despair because I felt so ashamed of the decisions I’d made in relationships, incapable of inspiring real intimacy, terrified of losing more people, confused about what to do next, and exhausted in all I’d endured. So, I just gave up. I threw up my hands and surrendered all. I wailed out to God in despair and begged for help. And, guess what? I got it. Holy Spirit showed me exactly how to build my Personal Liberation Project as a Supreme Lover. 
Jeanine Staples
Dr. Jeanine Staples
  • ​I really liked that Jeanine spent a significant amount of time coaching and providing tools/techniques at the event. I thought her sharing her personal story and incorporating other’s stories in her coaching was an effective method. I especially appreciated that she coached us herself/personally for a significant portion of the conference. What I liked best about the event was Jeanine's coaching. When she was on stage providing tools, techniques and scripts." - Grace, 56, administrative assistant, AZ
The Result?
From attending theYou Are Worthy! Weekend, A Supreme Love Project Advance, you will have a clear worthiness project in place.
With a clear worthiness project in place you will be constantly ascending, appreciating, evolving and getting higher in your sense of worth and value.

Your relationships will finally uplevel because you will…
  • ​Create a deeper love AND appreciation for yourself and the gifts that you have.
  • ​Connect to a powerful team of like-minded soul centered people who are committed to living abundant, affluent and invested lives.
  • ​Make different decisions about connections and relationships.
  • ​Magnetize people into your life that are aligned with your highest vision of yourself.
  • ​Dissolve connections and relationships with people that are NOT aligned with your highest vision of yourself.
  • ​Feel deserving and more comfortable with high level and high value people in your life (like men, girlfriends, a mentor, a parental figure).
Your resources will finally uplevel because you will…
  • ​Save more money.
  • ​Find more money.
  • ​Know that you deserve money and abundance.
  • ​Magnetize and draw in money and opportunities.
  • ​Dissolve energy and money drains that do not serve you and your inherent value.
  • ​Feel comfortable with more money and material things in your life.
  • ​I loved how Jeanine gave people direct action items and was firm with them while coming from a place of compassion, patience, and understanding. I loved how there were built in opportunities to meet fellow attendees and got me out of my comfort zone." - Erica, 39, freelancer, MO
Listen to Jen's Transformation
"This solution is big enough. The solution is healing you. And then everything else around you begins to heal!"
-Jennifer, 34, Artist, PA
This work is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT for every woman to do because...
Once you clearly see and believe your inherent worth & value, there a major corrections on an emotional level and material level that take place that allow you to no longer engage in self-destructive behaviors. 
Emotionally, no longer you will have to…
Doubt yourself. 
Question yourself. 
Second guess yourself. 
Put yourself down. 
Be little yourself. 
Judge yourself. 
Condemn yourself.  
Criticize yourself. 
Beat yourself up. 
Wish you were someone else. 
Wish you were somewhere else. 
Wish you had someone else. 
Materially, no longer will you have to…
Feel worried, nervous, anxious, or intimidated around money or debt. 
Feel shame. 
Feel doubt. 
Feel sleeplessness or insomnia about material things like money, men, jobs, homes, clothes. 
Go shopping or use “retail therapy” to FEEL worthy or better about yourself. 
Wonder if you deserve to have nice things and a comfortable life. 
Wonder if the universe is abundant. 
Second guess your financial decisions. 
Doubt that you know how to handle your money and possessions. 
Feel like you have to hide your success so you don’t make others feel less. 
Listen to Angela's Revolution
"It's like I was coming out of a fog. And now its blue skies. "
-Angela, 45, NY, Accountant
Space is extremely limited and half the tickets are spoken for already.
the You Are Worthy! Weekend, A Supreme Love Project Advance.
  • ​Jeanine's coaching was passionate, powerful and purposeful. The event was very organized. Great speakers with relevant topics." - Sherri, 43, nurse, CA
What To Expect
  • Friday, July 26th from 6:00pm - 7:30pm: Registration & Welcome Reception
  • Saturday, July 27th from 9:00am - 6:00pm: Content & Training
  • Sunday, July 28th from 9:00am - 6:00pm: Content & Training
Tickets for future Supreme Love Project Advances will be
For a limited time,
Your ticket to the July 2019 SLP Advance,
The You Are Worthy! Weekend,
is just
  • ​Admission to the Welcome Reception on July 26th
  • ​Admission to 2 full days of training with Jeanine Staples
  • ​High level training from each of our 3 guest speakers
  • ​Materials, exercises, and your own worthiness project plan
  • ​Refreshments and special surprises throughout the SLP Advance
Because of the level of intensity and hands on support from Jeanine and her Supreme Love Coaches, attendance to this event is limited to a max of 40 people.
Half of these tickets are already taken by Jeanine’s clients.
We HIGHLY recommend you claim your ticket asap before this event sells out and it’s too late!
Listen to Michelle's Transformation
"Now I have a lot of hope for my life, the direction its going in, and the change that I can make in the world."
-Michelle, 54, IA, Pilot
The Venue
Experience the newly renovated Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport hotel. Relax after your day at The You Are Worthy! Weekend in your spacious and modern suite, featuring the renowned Sheraton Signature Sleep Experience, ergonomic desk chairs and plasma TVs. Connect to work or home with high speed Internet access, PC work stations and more in the lobby. Reenergize after a full day at The You Are Worthy! Weekend in the fitness center or refresh in the pool.  Try a great meal or drink in the Vector Restaurant & Lounge, a great place to connect with your Supreme Love sisters. 

With easy access to and from Philadelphia International Airport on the complimentary shuttle, the hotel is also convenient to all of downtown Philadelphia's attractions, including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the historic district and shopping and cultural destinations. Welcome to Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport—an upbeat and refreshing hotel experience.

Enjoy a discounted room rate during The You Are Worthy! Weekend with our exclusive discount code. It will be shared immediately after your ticket purchase. There are only a few double rooms available, so if you are rooming with a friend you'll want to book early! Most of the available rooms will have a single King size bed and a pull-out sofa.
Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Hotel Lobby
The Vector Bar
King Bed room
Fitness room
  • ​I love how knowledgeable, passionate, vulnerable and connected Jeanine is when she is coaching. Although there were many people in the room, I felt like it was only me and that she was speaking directly to me. I loved the connections that I was able to make with the other fabulous women. I liked that it was an intimate setting and people seemed comfortable being uncomfortable. There was room for breakdowns as well as breakthroughs. It all felt very authentic." - Kelli, 59, therapist, NC
Listen to Nicole's Transformation
"The tools have allowed me to be in touch with how I actually feel, how I actually show up in the world, and how I want to show up in the world."
-Nicole, 36, MA, Designer
Frequently Asked Questions
A: Yes, it is a retreat in the modern use of the word that refers to a secluded space to grow and relax with a group of other women. We do not use the word "retreat", however, because of the traditional definition of the word: "to withdraw or move back as a result of defeat or criticism". While it very much is a way to "withdraw" from your regular life for a few days, Jeanine has come to prefer the term "advance". To advance is the opposite of retreating. It means "to move forward in a purposeful way" or "to make or cause to make progress". Do you see the difference that makes to your expectations? You aren't simply withdrawing from your life for a few days, you will be coming here to move forward in a purposeful way and make progress towards your Worthy self!
A: YES! If you'd like to email us your questions, please send them to Let Sara know if you'd rather learn more about this event over the phone with one of our coaches.
A: The You Are Worthy! Weekend is happening July 27 & 28 in Philadelphia, PA, at The Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport hotel. There will be a welcome reception the night before, so plan to check in to the hotel on July 26. 
A: Early event registration is at 6 pm on Friday, July 26, 2019, followed by a Welcome Reception. The hotel is available for check-in at 3 pm.

Day 1 and 2 will begin promptly at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to get settled. If you did not register on Friday, please arrive at least 30 minutes early on Saturday.

The main event will wrap up around 6 pm on Sunday, July 28. 

Check-In for the hotel is 3pm and Check-Out is at 12pm. 

Fly into PHL (Philadelphia International Airport). The hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport for registered guests.

A: Any successful woman who feels like something is missing from her life is encouraged to attend. Though not necessary, bringing a friend is a good idea too.
A: Because of our VERY limited seating, every attendee must purchase a ticket to get into the event. Of course, you may book your hotel room with anyone you choose. If you do bring a child to the hotel, please be sure to bring someone who is able to care for your child during the times of our sessions, in an area away from the session spaces.
A: Yes. You may room with someone, if you choose. There are only a few double rooms available, but the single king bed rooms have a pull-out sofa. If you want to connect with others looking for roommates, please email Sara at with your request.
Jeanine Staples
A little more about me...
In addition to being a coach, I'm an Associate Professor of Literacy and Language, African American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at a Research I University. I focus on dismantling supremacist patriarchies through research, teaching, and coaching. As a sociocultural literacist, I work to understand personal and public voices and stories to solve personal and public problems. I do this by researching the evolutionary nature and function of literacies and texts through the discourses of narrative research. My work exposes impetuses for various personal and social ills such as racism, sexism, and ableism.

I love to mediate way before dawn, work out like a soldier, and shop alone. I prefer rum to wine, jeans to skirts, and like my heels sky high (except when I'm wearing cowboy boots). Every year I ask my stylist to cornrow and bead my hair in homage to Patrice Rushen and Stevie Wonder (if you know of these artists and understand why demonstrating embodied respect for them is important, we can probably be friends). I believe in ghosts, fairies, and hobbits (for real). Musically, I vibe to old school everything (hip hop, R&B, jazz, rock, and classical) and especially dig Hildegard von Bingen. I trust children a little bit more than adults, respect teens for their fearlessness, admire elders for their tenacity, and occasionally prefer the company of dogs to people. I'm really getting into interior design and have a penchant for acquiring east coast real estate. I'm also a survivor of multiple terrors in love.
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